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At The Workshop we have been helping the enthusiastic D.I.Y framer since we opened our doors in Wellington. It's a unique blend - we do the all the tricky bits, then you get all the glory by finishing the project. 

We start by working out the design for your project together. Then we will make you a customised kitset (frame, matboard and glass all cut and completed). Finally you come into our workshop, at an arranged time (Saturdays) and we show you how to finish the fitup utilizing our tools and expertise.

The beauty of this system is that you will end up with the best look for your artwork - no makeitfit senario (which often never quite sings out) you save money on the job and maybe learn something new.

All products used for the DIY are the same quality and standard that we set for our custom framing the only real difference is the investment of your time.

So drag out those artworks from under the bed or the back of the cupboard, where they have been languishing for the last few years, dust them off and pop down to The Workshop and see us for some great ideas.