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The Workshop offers a range of document and degree kitset frames to fitup yourself at home.

All the products used in these frames are of a conservation standard (uv blocking glass, rag mat and archival backing board) to ensure your precious degree or certificate is well preseved.

We usually have in stock kitsets for Victoria, Massey, Auckland, Canterbury and Otago Universities, retailing at $100-$120.

We can also supply custom made kitsets for any other artwork if you would rather fit at home than in one of our DIY workshops.

With this service you have the advantage of choosing from our complete range of products and have it all custommade to fit your artwork.

All kitsets come with full instructions and appropriate hinging and taping materials.


We also stock a small range of sale kitset frames constructed from our offcuts or end of lines. Great prices for frames to fit those tiny things like family snapshots.