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We have recently introduced our WOF (warrant of fitness) programme. Your framing is dated upon completetion and a WOF date of 5 years is calculated.

We offer a free check of your work at this date to assess how it is holding up and whether any futher work is needed to ensure that the lifespan of your artwork is maximised. 

As environmental pollutants/contaniments are slowly absorbed into the framing package over time it is important to keep an eye on this and if required replace materials that have become compromised. 

This is particularly important for heritage pieces and artworks of value (whether sentimental or investment).

To help prolong the life of your piece here are a few tips

  • Hang your work away from direct light and heat sources.
  • Avoid hanging valuable works on exterior walls particularly south facing walls.
  • Clean the glass by spraying the cleaning product onto the cloth rather than the glass.
  • Periodically dust the back of your piece.

Here are a few examples of things to look out for

Foxing - small brown flecks/spots, caused by impurities in the paper staining over time

Acid burn - yellowing or brown areas appearing on the artwork particularly on the edges around the matboard.

Insect damage - silverfish love to eat paper products and borer can destroy frames very quickly if left unchecked.